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Instrument Building

Othnell Mangoma Moyo is a Builder of African rooted instruments that includes, Ngoma, Mbira, Marimba, Ngororombe, Makhoyane, Uhadi, Xitende, Chipendane, Djembe, Dundun, Xigubhu



I build Zimbabwean membranophones known by the Shona name Ngoma which come in different shapes and sizes. Ngoma is also known by other names like, Ingungu(ISiNdebele), Isigubhu(Nguni), Xigubhu(XiTsonga), and range from the tall mutumba to the frame drums known as gandira and ndandanda


Other African Rooted Instruments

The first type of Membranophone that I ever built was a Djembe drum which its origins in West Africa and also learnt how to build Dun duns, Bara, Talking Drums, Congas and othe drums from other parts of Africa and African Diaspora  



I have played Mbira since 1995 and started building in December 2020. I build mbira specializing mostly in the mbira from endangered societies and resuscitating them 


Other Traditional Zimbabwean Instruments

I build instruments from all corners of Zimbabwe and her neighbours. these instruents include;

Ngororombe/Nyere, Hwamanda, Bango, Chigufe, Chipendane, Makwa, Chitende, UmGqangala

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