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T.E.N (Talent Explorer in Nguboyenja) 


T.E.N. (Talent Explorer in Nguboyenja) is a 2 day annual event that brings Arts Sports and Business people to the Community. The Mission of T.E.N is to provide a quality Sports and Culture Event which strengthens Nguboyenja as a destination market for the Sports and Arts Circuit while "Exploring Talent", Educating and Inspiring both Youths and Adults alike about the Arts, Sports, Business and Humanities within the Nguboyenja Community. T.E.N. seeks the opportunity to bring emerging Artists, Sports persons and business people to work together for two days.


Othnell "Mangoma" Moyo an established Percussion player who was born in Nguboyenja, Bulawayo and now based in Harare. Considering the journey that most Artists, including himself, from marginalized communities where he grew up take to reach greater heights, decided to approach fellow Nguboyenja - based artists, Julian Tshuma and Cyprian Tavaziva to come up with T.E.N. Many a time, they are a lot of limiting factors to accessing recognition that include finances and lack of information. The trio saw the need to restore the old tradition of Community Arts in which Artist took their forms of Art to the people. Over the years, It seems the service providers became content with their following and overlooked that they might be other people who can be willing to support them. Also their fans need to be able to access the venue and pay required entry fees. Through T.E.N, people from the community can watch and take part in the events for free. On the other hand, business people/ entrepreneurs can advantage of the gathering to market their products. By taking, Arts Sports and Business to the people, the team hopes that someone within the community can find their passion.


T.E.N. runs for 2 consecutive days with 2 active stages running throughout the day and night. T.E.N. explores Talent in 10 disciples namely:


Various artists are invited to perform on stage. It’s basically open to any musician, whether established or emerging.

Dance Majika 
The Matebele are known for being "amagabazi" (talented in dance.) Bulawayo has a lot of talented and hardworking dancers. T.E.N. Dance MaJika is a competition for dancers from all genres and skill levels .The winners are chosen by the spectators.

Theatre lovers have a treat to 2 theatre pieces on the two nights that T.E.N runs for. From 18:30hrs on both evenings the spectators are to be sure to secure a good seating space. The Theatre pieces are performed by seasoned Artists with the hope of mentoring and inspiring upcoming Theatre Artists.

Street Soccer
Everyone who grew up in high density communities in Bulawayo is familiar with street soccer. The players have their own way of placing the markings on the streets (goal posts and boundaries), a referee is also chosen and from 9am to 12 pm on the second day of the event T.E.N. hosts a 5 aside Street Soccer competition. This is a good place to explore grassroots talent. Participants register for free.

Netball is the sport of all time for women. Ladies from Nguboyenja, Mzilikazi, Makokoba and surrounding areas are known for their brilliant netball techniques and stamina and also for nurturing talent. T.E.N will give the opportunity to ladies from 14:00hrs on the second day of the event to battle it out as the winning team of seven ladies will be crowned champions. Teams compete for a 3 hour competition and any team is welcome to register.

A 7km Marathon Competition that starts at 07:30hrs on the second day of the event. The route of the marathon was set to start at Bazaya shops going westwards using Nguboyenja Road, into Station Road, into Khami Road, into Mpopoma Road, Into Luveve Road, into Nguboyenja Road and the finishing line is at Bazaya shops.

Sunset Drumming
A session were everyone can come together to wind up all afternoon activities in preparation for the evening events. The sessions in perfect view of the sunset and is hosted by percussion players who participate in the whole event. Anyone else can grab a percussion instrument and Join in. The drumming starts at 17:30hrs on both days.

These are run on both days at T.E.N. and seek the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities. T.E.N conducts Disability Awareness Workshops also in honor of the Jairos Jiri Center for Persons With Disabilities that has been serving the Nguboyenja Community in various ways (Like 
providing space for Church Organizations to Worship in, Bakery, fresh vegetables, Preschool, vocational training etc.)

T.E.N creates an environment where business meets customer. This can be done on one on one with the customer or the organisation can be given a slot to advertise their brand on stage. Companies, Businesses, Brands and Corporates are offered an opportunity to advertise their brands. Time slots differ, the least being ten minutes and 60 minutes is the maximum. This is an opportunity for companies to sell products throughout the event.

Khothama Boutique
Khothama is an IsiNdebele term that means bend. The first section close to the main stage is for corporates who display their products. The second section is a "khothama” Market. This is a typical street market made up of small business owners selling clothes and other products at low prizes. This market lures a huge number of people and it makes the event area busy all day.

Registration is free and anyone is welcome to register. Registration comes with the benefit of bringing promotional material and merchandise to sell or give to the members of the public. Through T.E.N we aim to empower the whole community


Othnell Mangoma Moyo (Festival Director): 

Julian Tshuma (Assistant Director):

Cyprian Tavaziva (Programs co – ordinator):


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