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Music According to Percussion (MAP) is a music ensemble from Zimbabwe which sets Percussion as the sole driver of its Music. The band was founded in 2014 by Othnell Mangoma Moyo. 

The first two MAP Cds were released in 2016. The group performs widely in Zimbabwe, from humble community spaces to the highest stages and venues of the country.

MAP-47 copy.jpg

Solo Performances

"Saungweme", the sound of bees, a musical performance experimenting with the conflicting approaches between preserving and advancing the traditional music of Zimbabwe and inciting dialogue around colonialism, capitalism, elitism and the spirituality of the Zimbabwean people.

Dza Gogo

"Dza Gogo", Shona for "Grandmother's songs", which are taught down from generation to generation, is a project that is centered on Zimbabwe's ancient music and dance styles. 


Session Work

Since 2001 I have worked as a session performer representing different dance companies, theatre companies and bands in Zimbabwe and different parts of the globe.


I have been collaborating with both local and international artists since 2008 and have also spear headed a number of international collaborations both in ZImbabwe and abroad.  I love collaborations because they are an opportunity for skills and knowledge transfer. Collaborations thrive in unity regardless of race, nationality, religion, sex, age and having participated in them is a huge honor

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