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Research & Documentation

Researching and documenting Traditional Music, Dance and Visual Art of Zimbabwe and other African Cultures is at the core of my work. I frequently visit rural areas of Zimbabwe to study the Culture and Traditional Art forms, recording Audio, Visual as well as written materials. Over the years my research spilt to other countries, including Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique and West Africa. I use this research in my personal artistic work, for Education and Documentation to be used by future generations.



My first book Zimbabwean Ngoma/iNgungu Rhythms and Songs was published in August 2018. I am currently writing the second edition of Ngoma Rhythms and Songs as well as two books on Nyamaropa Mbira songs and Gandanga Mbira songs.

Field Recordings

Field Recordings are to highlight the rich traditions of Music, Dance & Culture in rural Zimbabwe. My main aim is to promote rural Arts, make them more accessible and keep them as a reference for future generations. 

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